• Response to COVID-19

      We’re committed to ensuring continuity of care for patients, maintaining the safety of staff and volunteers and providing ongoing support to local healthcare partners.

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    • Special Programs

      Recognizing the uniqueness of each individual, Casa de la Luz has
      innovative programs to address the goals and needs of patients.

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    • What is Palliative Care?

      Specialized medical care that focuses on the pain, symptoms and stress
      of serious illness, most often as an adjunct to curative care modalities.

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    • Events

      Upcoming workshops, educational classes, bereavement groups and other activities open to the community.

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Why Casa de La Luz?

“Casa de la Luz” is Spanish for “house of light.” That’s what you need when facing a terminal illness ― a house of light, to provide comfort, support, and experienced hospice care during your end-of-life journey. When the final months of life approach, most people agree that they want to be at home, treated with respect, free of pain, have personal wishes upheld, and to be remembered. Casa strives to accomplish all this for you…because every day counts.